Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paper Flower Tutorial

Here we go again. Second tutorial, EVER! Let's see how I do this time.

I've been looking for some easy but creative ways to make paper flowers to embellish cards, tags, bags, you name it. So of course the first place I went looking was on Pinterest, because really, is there any other place worth checking? I found this great tutorial but for some reason, the big man upstairs only knows why, I didn't pin it. So I would like to apologize to whomever came up with this AWESOME way to make flowers. Let's get started!

Things you'll need:

Cardstock (light, heavy, colored, patterned, whatever tickles your fancy. I used white and cream)
Distress Ink and pads
Spray bottle filled with good 'ol H20
Cricut Machine*

*If you don't own a Cricut Machine:
Buy one. (I kid, I kid)
Patterned Scissors
Paper Punch

Here she come's to save the daaayyy!
~I will show you steps for both Cricut AND scissors.~ 

Misc. (Don't have to use):
Spectrum Markers
Spray clear acrylic

Step One: 
Protect your work surface. Always Always Always. I just grabbed a roll of brown paper from the dollar store (most amazing store in the ENTIRE world. Just sayin').

Step Two: 
Cut out your petals. (You will need 8 petals in all) 

If using Cricut:
I used the Scallop Circle found in Cricut Craftroom Basics (nothing fancy). Set the default height at 1.75" and then set the image quantity to 8. My cut settings looked like this:

If using scissors:
Draw or trace a circle that is roughly 1.75-2 inches in diameter. Use any type of patterned scissors to cut out.

Step Three:
Once you have all 8 of your 'petals' cut out it's time to decorate them (If you chose a patterned paper you can skip to Step 4).

I chose to use Distressed Ink and Spectrum markers for highlights. I find that using these created rich colors and dimension. 

Pretty cool huh?

Step 4 (aka Most Simple Step):
Give them a few squirts of the H20. Just enough to make them damp. Do not go and grab your super soaker and have some target practice. Doesn't work. I tried.

Step 5 (or Spit Ball Step):
Pinch them into little paper balls.

Step 5.2:
Gently open them back up, they are going to be pretty fragile (I said that word in my head like the dad from A Christmas Story when he got the crate with the 'leg lamp' in it).

Step 5.3:
As you are unfolding them you can feed them onto the brad making sure the head of the brad is in the inside of the flower.

Inside                                                                                                                            Backside

Step 6:
Start to pinch each layer up towards center individually.

Step 7:
Spread each layer back out however you want and VOILA! You're done! You now have a gorgeous paper flower. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!

What did you think? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave comments!

Did you make them and find a creative way to use? Send me pics and I'll add them to this post. (If sending pics I just ask that you subscribe/follow my blog and let me know in the email that you did just that) 

Thanks for playing and have a Super D Duper day! ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Fall Items

 Hey there blog-verse. I've been a busy bee in my craft room lately, coming up with all kinds of new designs to share with you. I don't want to get you over loaded so I've only posted three here for your viewing pleasure. If you want to see more please check out my Etsy Shop.

Pumpkin Earrings

Can I get a 'Hoot-Hoot'?

Purple Haze Necklace

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Thanks and hope you all have a great Columbus day!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exciting Things are Happening

So many wonderful things have happened for MIP in the last couple of days that I just HAVE to share!

First I was a 'Top Ten Pick' on one of my favorite blogs The CSI Project

Check out my Votive Candle Holders feature HERE 

Also, read all about how to make your own with my tutorial HERE

Second, one of my items from my Etsy Shop was featured on Mercantile Muse (LOVE them)!! Check out the blog post HERE

This is my item they featured:

Buy it in my Etsy Shop 

And lastly, I reached my first milestone on Facebook: 50 'Likes'!  Because of this I'm having a giveaway contest going on RIGHT NOW! So hurry up and check out my page, 'like' it and enter the giveaway featured on the page! 

Giveaway has ended, thanks to all who participated!

So much more to come so stay tuned!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I LOVE glitter. My craft room is COVERED in it (I am too actually after this recent project). So when I came across a Glitter Challenge hosted by CSI Project Blog  I knew I had to submit something. 

I am going to give you all a quick tutorial on how to make your own Glitterfied Votive Candle Holders for any season/occasion/reason. All you need are 4 simple tools:

Mod Podge 

Sponge Paint Brush
Glass/Plastic votive holder. Mine are glass and I got them when they went on sale at Bath and Body Works for 50 cents! (Not the rapper.) But I've even used ones from the dollar store.

Don't you just love when you don't have to use a lot of stuff. Less is more in my book.


First step is to dip your sponge brush into the mod podge, like so (feel free to oo and ahh here):

Then swirl it around the INSIDE of the votive holder, making sure you are spreading it in EVEN, THIN layers. You don't need much, but do make sure you cover the entire area.

Next you want to add your glitter. I chose a fall color for mine; Martha Stewart in Fire Opal

Now comes the really tricky part. Trying to cover the entire area with glitter without it going EVERYWHERE (note: it will go everywhere regardless. It's glitter. That's what glitter does). I chose to use a piece of cardstock and held it tightly with one hand while the other held the votive.

I then shook it like crazy (whoa).

I missed a few spots, so with the extra glitter still in the votive holder I just rotated the glass very slowly to get all the spots I missed while shaking. 

Then I tapped it (GENTLY, people! It's glass.) on the desk to get it all out (For those who are inexperienced in the art of glitter, make sure you do this on a piece of paper. You will see why in the next step)

 Save the glitter! Pour it back in.

Allow the votive holder to dry for 24 hours (or at least overnight) and then apply a final coat of mod podge inside to seal it all up (or Krylon Clear Acrylic Coating spray..make sure you use masking tape or painters tape to cover the outside). Here is the final project. Voila:

The blue one is Martha Stewart in Feldspar made by my lovely assistant (who also took the photos for me) Lauren G. of Long Eared Designs (Check out her custom decorative trays for every decor. They're awesome!) Here's one she made me:

You can also add decorations as well to your glitterfied votive candle holders: ribbons, leafs, flowers, stickers, etc. The list is endless in decorating these. That's why I love this project so much.

  Well, that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed and are inspired enough to make your own. 

Did I mention this was my first tutorial?? I would love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment below! Check ya all on the flip side ;)

YAY!!! My very first!

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Becoming Martha

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We All Have Our Vices

Things I'm addicted to (in no particular order):

  • Reading (There just isn't enough hours in the day)
  • Water (I drink way more than 8 glasses a day)
  • The Sims (Best. Video game. Ever.)
  • Pretzels
  • My Kindle and Kindle Fire
  • Twilight (Shut up)
  • The Body Shop
  • Make-up
  • My Cricut machine
  • Nagging (At least that's what my boyfriend says)
  • AC Moore/Michaels (These stores are DANGEROUS)
  • Facebook (sad but true)
  • Pinterest
  • Jewelry
  • Being right (I'm just being honest)
  • Laughing
  • Glitter
  • Jem and the Holograms
  • Love (I have the best family, friends and boyfriend a girl could ever ask for)
  • WalMart
 This is just a very short list. I could go on forever, but what I would rather do is hear some of the things your addicted to! Leave me a comment!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cricut Addiction

I purchased a used Cricut machine off a friend of mine (for those of you who don't know what a Cricut is, it's a personal cutting machine). It cuts images from different cartridges that you can buy onto any type of paper that you insert into the machine. I am IN LOVE with it. This machine is amazing. It has opened up so many crafting possibilities for myself. I am paper crafting almost daily now, which until a few months ago I only did a few times a month, if that. I'm up to 14 cartridges and I see this collection growing.

In future posts I would like to document the step-by-step process for some of my projects. However, this is something I am very negligent at. I always forget to take pictures of the before and during each step. I am, however, great at taking after pictures! Just thought I would share a few of them. All of these have used the Cricut machine in some fashion.

I found these two ideas on another blog (check it out here: homespun with heart) I changed them both up a little bit to make them mine.

I made this card for my sister-in-law's birthday. 

I measured and drew the calendar grid on a blank card.
Stamped the days of the week and 'make a wish'. 
Used the Fancy Frames cartridge to cut out the "window" around her date.
Stamped a simple birthday greeting inside.
And then tied it off with a little bit of ribbon.

This is a "get well soon" card that I made for noone in particular. I really like the flower and bird stamps. I thought it was a very soothing look.

Used Fancy Frames cartridge for purple overlay. Stretched and cut the image to what I wanted.
Stamped the image onto the purple overlay.
Stamped a greeting inside.
Tied it off with a some purple twine.
Added a lilac button and voila!

What cards have you made? Email me your photos and thoughts. I would love to hear about them and post them in future blogs!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Beginning

How I got started.

A few years ago I was working in an architecture firm, 60 hours a week, designing another persons ideas and drafting another persons designs until one day, everything changed. I got laid off due to lack of work (the economy really hit the architecture world, bad) and I went into a serious depression. 

After about a month of being 'down in the dumps' my boyfriend suggested I get a hobby. Up until then my hobby was reading. I would read anything and everything that I came across (still do) but at this point in my life it just wasn't enough. I missed designing, even though it wasn't my designs, I missed the creativity of it all. To start with a blank piece of paper or screen and then fill it up with designs of a beautiful home. I'm not much of a painter and my free hand sketches leave much to be desired, but I needed something. 

Along comes my boyfriend to the rescue. He took me to AC Moore and Michaels, gave me his debit card (he is so wonderful) and the rest is literally history. I love all types of crafting. From scrap booking to card making, sewing to jewelry making, I'm hooked on crafts. I have tote after bin after box FULL of my creations. And its all just sitting there. 

One day last year, at my current job, a new girl started. She also loved crafting and so we hit it off right away. She starts to tell me all about her Etsy shop and how easy it is to post your items. And so, with a lot support and encouragement from people in my life I opened MY SHOP! I have no idea what the future of my shop holds, but just the thought of people seeing my designs everyday is enough to keep me going. I hope people like my creations or find some inspiration from them. Everything I create is made with a lot of love and A LOT of passion. I take pride in all my work and strive to create something unique and beautiful. As my motto says, "It's beautiful when you're in love".