Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Beginning

How I got started.

A few years ago I was working in an architecture firm, 60 hours a week, designing another persons ideas and drafting another persons designs until one day, everything changed. I got laid off due to lack of work (the economy really hit the architecture world, bad) and I went into a serious depression. 

After about a month of being 'down in the dumps' my boyfriend suggested I get a hobby. Up until then my hobby was reading. I would read anything and everything that I came across (still do) but at this point in my life it just wasn't enough. I missed designing, even though it wasn't my designs, I missed the creativity of it all. To start with a blank piece of paper or screen and then fill it up with designs of a beautiful home. I'm not much of a painter and my free hand sketches leave much to be desired, but I needed something. 

Along comes my boyfriend to the rescue. He took me to AC Moore and Michaels, gave me his debit card (he is so wonderful) and the rest is literally history. I love all types of crafting. From scrap booking to card making, sewing to jewelry making, I'm hooked on crafts. I have tote after bin after box FULL of my creations. And its all just sitting there. 

One day last year, at my current job, a new girl started. She also loved crafting and so we hit it off right away. She starts to tell me all about her Etsy shop and how easy it is to post your items. And so, with a lot support and encouragement from people in my life I opened MY SHOP! I have no idea what the future of my shop holds, but just the thought of people seeing my designs everyday is enough to keep me going. I hope people like my creations or find some inspiration from them. Everything I create is made with a lot of love and A LOT of passion. I take pride in all my work and strive to create something unique and beautiful. As my motto says, "It's beautiful when you're in love".

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  1. Oh your shop is full of beautiful things, good luck!